Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing

Coming home to self? Be-ing not doing.. What’s that all about… It’s pretty hard for me to make sense with the written word, my neural diversity, is confused about mundane things like grammer and sentence structure, aka dyslexia. However, here I am again trying, to write a bit more about my approach to my work. Which I love btw.

One of my stronger senses is my felt sense, it’s bionic! so saying –Let’s tune in and see, makes total sense to me.

So back to, Coming home to self? Be-ing not doing. For me, it’s about life and living it. It’s about being here now, being totally present in this very moment.

Just Be-ing, not doing.

Being here now is the opposite of doing. Too often we get caught up in doing, by being busy, it’s like an inbuilt progamme that’s running in the background that we forgot or dont know how to switch off. We can change it though, all we are really doing is distracting our selves, from self, with this, that and the other.


Whilst some distractions are helpful, some are most definitely not.

Another word for this is habit. As human be-ings, we are deeply habititual people, we don’t need to be! Our brain plasticity can be changed. It’s all just habitual neurons firing. Reading this now could be the start of some change for you, as you begin to prepare for a period of re- birth and inner growth.

Thank yourself right now for landing here and for planting some seeds to begin this alchemic sacred process.

Perhaps, via a deep journey into your inner world, as you continue to or begin to honour where you are at and notice with compassion, the truth of your being, at a soul level, honouring the innate wisdom of your body.

In a sacred space connection, you may meet with your benevolent guides and helpers (whether they are known to you to not) and begin tune in and find and notice, what’s going on for you on the inside. From there you can work with what comes up and go forward, gently, respectively, in whatever size steps you are ready to take.

‘Self’ is not a new concept and it comes with many names or essences; here are some-persona, identity, psyche, soul, spirit, whispers from the heart.

Basically any trauma or disruption in our lives causes, depending on the severity of it, a split inside us a fragmentation and that part, goes into a safe space. This may be as a dissociated part or just as a part of a part. Dissociation is a natural protective function of the psyche, which helps keep us safe.

As we grow our lives change and we come to a place where we are ready to begin to look at these pieces of soul loss or dissociation and bring them to mind, work with them and retrieve them, and help them join back with Self, if that is what is best.

Self is always present, but depending on our lifes circumstances, self can be difficuilt to access, if our lives have been traumatic or we have experienced a difficult early attachment to our primary care giver, then our lives will be dictated by symptoms and neurobiology, that exists to help us survive not thrive.

If the above was the case, that’s probably partly why you are reading this now?

It’s often our symptoms (neurons firing) that drive us to find professional help as they have become difficuilt or unmanagable, due to our central nervous system being hijacked, by the past and unfinished business, that is causing us distress.

This may include, anger, rage, dissociation, memory gaps, anxiety, panic, mood swings, addictions, depression to name a few. Another word for ‘symptoms’ is ‘parts’ and we are all made up of lots of different parts. ie we may have a part that holds anxiety or anger or a few younger parts, parts may also be thoughts, feelings or sensations.

One of my aims, if you choose to work with me, would be for you to come home to Self. To do the inner work, to build a new inner scaffold (neural network) that can support you better than your current neuro biology.

When we are in Self, our world is calm, creative, comfortable. It’s easy to be present now, and we are living in a current time frame.

Get new neurons firing

I offer counselling/psychotherapy, reiki, angelic reiki, or shamanic work, the choice is yours to make and therapies can be delivered as stand alone or combined in a combination that best suits your needs, you choose.

My approach to my work is relational, underpinned by the different theories I have studied. I beleive by working together in relationship, with each other and with Self, that is where the magic happens, where the transformation begins to occur.

If anything here is getting your attention, please don’t hesitate to call text, or email and we can begin to explore how we might work together.

It might be a one off session or a few spaced closely together, or regular weekly or fornightly for a period of time, again we can discuss your needs and make this work for you.

You can find out more about my work on the relevant pages on my website, see above for content.

This is part of one of my all time favourite quotes:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? “

– Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

I believe, we came here to shine!

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. Leonard Cohen

In all of my work I encouraging creative expression.

Creative self expression, might include, drawing, painting, poetry, sandtray work, representing parts of our selves, with different media or movement, this allows you to work with more unconsious material or material that is pre verbal. It also allows you to externalise it, helping to make it known and less internalised.

Gabor Mate. If Trauma is a loss of self, then recovery is a reconection with self.

Helping you get to the heart  of the matter. It’s a Soul-ful Space.

Published by Maggie

Working together collectively, for the common good. We are all in this together. There is no Planet B. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.