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Counselling/ Psychotherapy, Supervision & Energy Healing.

Before we get into the page content here, let’s be curious about what you are looking for? what brought you here today?

All of my work is about attunement to the person sitting in front of me (you!) and your needs, in current time and space. Working mindfully with compassionate enquiry, I hope to find a way to connect with you, in a safe, secure therapeutic space.

Into which you might begin, or continue to explore. What is currently causing you difficultly or upset in your life and/or how that might relate to the past, and/or what techniques you can learn to help to make that, easier, better or changed.

It’s all about you and your well being, working holistically, with your whole body system, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The work can be short term or long term, or in groups of sessions, spaced evenly apart.


  • I have a special interest in working with people who have experienced  big “T” or “t”, trauma or abuse in their lives.
  • I work with Young People from age 11 & Adults.
  • I am an experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist qualifying with my first Diploma in 2003
  • Since 2011 I have specialised and concentrated my training and CPD attending various events and courses to help me work with people who have experienced Trauma.
  • These include, workshops and training with : Deirdre Fay, Sensori motor psychotherapy, Sandra Paulson, Brain spotting, CRM, Comprehensive Resource Model, and IFS ( Internal Family Systems Therapy) in training. .
  • I offer the opportunity to work creatively, allowing safe expression and holding of deep unconscious material, that is beyond words or from an early pre-verbal period in your life.
  • Therapies can be taken individually or in a combination that best suits your needs, it’s always your choice, whats included or not.
  • I offer the opportunity to work creatively, allowing safe expression and holding of deep unconscious material, that is beyond words.
  • I have recently qualified as a supervisor, offering supervision for people in all modalities, counselling/psychotherapy or energy healing.
  • I have been practising the loving art that is Reiki since 2003. Individual energy healing sessions are available, these will include reiki and shamanic elements, depending on your specific needs on the day.
  • In the last 3 years, I have completed 2 training courses in Shamanic Healing and the knowledge and wisdom I have gained on these courses, totally informs the basis of all my practice. In that we are all one.
  • I work holistically, with the whole body, offering healing for body, mind and soul.



♥Helping you to help yourself ♥

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