~Welcoming website visitors, old and new I am able to work with people who live in the UK and are in the UK for appointments to take place~

I have space for new clients either Internal Family Systems or Shamanic & IFS or Reiki Healing sessions.

I had a new enquiry this week. When I tried to return the call or text. It came up as number not valid. Please try email if you are reading this. Thanks.

Healing work

IFS sessions, Counselling for Trauma- in person, online or outside as walk and talk.
Reiki Healing in person
Shamanic/IFS sessions.
Internal Family Systems
The 8 C’s IFS
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom“. Anais Nin.

All of my work is somatic, ie working with the body.

It’s also from a heart centered place. A place of deep compassion.

My work is also client centered, based on the needs of the client on the day.

We will be working together to co-create your session.

Similarly, you are a co- creator in your life, you help co-create your you!

Sometimes we forget that! and give our power away or others take our power (unconsiously).

You can fix that. :-).

Let’s be curious, what brought you here today?

Perhaps you have grown up with developmental Trauma or experienced Trauma in later life, this often results in C-PTSD, which also results in soul loss.

If agreeable, Soul parts can be returned.

C-PTSD often results when we have experienced early life trauma and later life trauma as well.

Or you are feeling connected to parts of you and ways of being that are passed down the generations, this includes beliefs, attitudes, ways of being in life and in relationships.

Whatever the cause – personal or generational – my hope is we can find a way to work together to restore your power and work with any life entanglements/constellations, to enable your heart to sing again.

In energy healing the heart is the bridge between the upper and lower Chakra’s

Everything has a vibration or energy pattern- we hold these patterns in or around our body and we most often seek help when these parts/patterns of us just don’t work for us anymore.

IFS, Counselling & Energy healing works across modalities. This cross training approach allows me to have different tools in my basket, to help you begin or continue to access, talk with, enable, clear, change whatever is part(s) are troubling you.

It’s deep relational work.

It’s restorative.

It’s transforming.

It’s not a quick fix, but it is worth it and the investment of your time, energy and commitment to change.

Helping you co-create your you!

I am passionate about healing, for myself, for you and for the planet. I divide my work between IFS sessions and energy healing work. It’s a Fusion a blend of ancient and modern therapies, which can be taken individually or co-created, in a way that best suits your needs on the day.

What does that mean? co-created-

Perhaps try IFS/Reiki together, Add Reiki to any session thats Free.

Or perhaps Shamanic practice and IFS in the same session?

Healing is what I came here to do. I invite you to have a look around my website and see if anything resonates for you.

If so please get in touch, by email, Whats App or leave me a voice message on my mobile and I will respond as soon as possible to arrange a complimentary zoom call for IFS work or to arrange a suitable time to meet for an Energy Healing appointment.

~At present I can only work with clients living in the UK~

BMCA member

Heart Chakra Tones
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