Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing

Coming home to self? Be-ing not doing.. What’s that all about… It’s pretty hard for me to make sense with the written word, my neural diversity, is confused about mundane things like grammer and sentence structure, aka dyslexia. However, here I am again trying, to write a bit more about my approach to my work.Continue reading “Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing”

working with parts of self

Also know as Ego States. 2 day Intensive training with Sandra Paulson. April 2014. Called Looking Through the Eyes of Trauma & Dissociation. (She has a book of the same name). Organised through Trauma Training in Scotland. (TTiS)   I love the idea and concept of working with parts, I believe it helps us toContinue reading “working with parts of self”