Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing

Coming home to self? Be-ing not doing.. What’s that all about… It’s pretty hard for me to make sense with the written word, my neural diversity, is confused about mundane things like grammer and sentence structure, aka dyslexia. However, here I am again trying, to write a bit more about my approach to my work.Continue reading “Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing”

IFS Internal Family Systems

IFS, Internal Family Systems, utilises the wisdom of self. IFS categorises self into these 8 words begining with C. CALMNESS COMPASSION CURIOSITY CLARITY CONFIDENCE COURAGE CREATIVITY CONNECTEDNESS. For me yes, these all work, but it’s the last one that really stands out. Connectedness. Why not, take amoment now to connect to self? If your busyContinue reading “IFS Internal Family Systems”