I’m building a Lighthouse!

I’m building a Lighthouse!Pic 1 .. reflecting out!Pic…2 .. through a small windowPic 3, no view, but just as important……and for now a work in progress. Isn’t that what we came here to do! Build our own Lighthouse These are words I received years ago… except it was to be the title of a workshopContinue reading “I’m building a Lighthouse!”

New Therapy space for face to face meetings

I am really excited to introduce my new Therapy Space. I am also really excited to be able to offer face to face sessions again. The Therapy Hut. Is in a quiet, safe, private space in my back garden. The pictures were taken in the evening sun, a warm welcome awaits. Update I have sinceContinue reading “New Therapy space for face to face meetings”

Reiki now available face to face.

I am really happy and excited to be begining to offer face to face Reiki sessions again from my home address. KY15, Fife Scotland. Starting 12/04/2022 Reiki sessions can be booked by emailing me to start of with – Please provide your mobile number and I will follow up by text or phone or email,Continue reading “Reiki now available face to face.”

Complex Trauma & Difficult Early Attachment.

This is an old website page here from 2012, now it’s a blog post. Trauma can be big T or little t, it may also be known or unknown trauma, none is less significant. Trauma comes under many guises and often goes alongside growing up with a difficult or disrupted early attachment to the parent/caregiver,Continue reading “Complex Trauma & Difficult Early Attachment.”

Trauma Definition by Matt Licata

Dear Reader,  Trauma occurs when our capacity to process emotional, psychic, and somatic experience is overwhelmed. In addition to this shattering of information processing, there is the lived reality of the missing Friend, resulting in an unendurable sense of aloneness. Not only do we experience a flooding of unbearable images, feelings, and sensations, but atContinue reading “Trauma Definition by Matt Licata”