About me

I have 23 plus years experience working as a Counsellor in various different settings and I have completed substantial Training and CPD to help me understand Trauma and it’s effects both psychologically and somatically.

My original training was a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling 2000-2003, other training that influences my work is – Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Becoming Safely Embodied with Deirdre Fay, Looking through the eyes of dissociation with Sandra Paulson, Polyvagal theory and the neurobiology of attachment.

There is lots more info. here about my background, training, qualifications. Please click my UK Counselling Directory Profile, https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellors/maggie-costella

I have always worked with people, before my Counselling and Energy Healing Training. I went back to study as a single parent mature student and gained my Degree an M.A. (No mean feet for this dyslexic mystic). That led me to the Voluntary Sector where I gained employment as a project worker, for a number of years working with homeless people, as a drugs worker & with lone parent familes.

Previous to that I spend several years as a General Nurse, in Scotland and abroad. ❤️

Part of my creative Counselling Tool kit.

I identify as neurodivergent- one my neuro divergent traits is to have dyslexic tendacies, so my written word and grammar are suspect at times.

However, this also brings Creativity – I love to work creatively, with stones, shells, art work, metaphor, exploring different ways to represent parts of us which helps get beyond words and to the heart of the matter.

Doing my own work

I am very conscious and conscientious about working with my own stuff and attending to my own Healing. I have attended during the last 23 years to what ever arises for me, with either talk therapies, IFS, Reiki or Shamanic sessions, I believe Healing is a life long journey.