About me

Here I am saying hello!

Please get in touch if anything here interests you or grabs your attention.

*I would welcome a text or an email in the first instance –

*following up with a short 15/20 minute phone call

*to help us both know better, if it’s the right time to come to therapy, if it’s safe to come to therapy right now and if we both feel we can work together.

This site is dedicated to helping you heal.

Helping you be all you can be.

It’s an amazing 21 years, since I stared my training as Counsellor, and I bring 18 years exprerience working as a qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist, completing my first Diploma, in 2003.

My current work offers Counselling/Psychotherapy as IFS therapy and energy healing see link – or seperate page for energy healing info. here https://maggiecostella.com/usui-angelic-reiki/

My original training was in Psychodynamic Counselling, which for me means how the past re-presents itself in the here and now. This fits with IFS too.

I really enjoy working with IFS, I have now made it the main Counselling Model now on offer.

I have a client centered approach to my work and I will work with you, working with what you choose to bring to therapy sessions and with the agreement of the parts concerned.

Since completing my original training, I have dedicated my training and CPD, to enable me understand and to work with people who have experienced Trauma in their lives.

I am a member of Trauma Training in Scotland.

My hope for our work together is to help you be all you can be.

In present moment time and going forwards, to help you identify and work with your parts that are not currently allowing you to flourish.

My training and CPD includes- Sensorimotor psychotherapy, CRM, Brainspotting, the work of Derdrie Fay , including Becoming Safely Embodied, Loving your Broken Heart and Sandra Paulson (Looking through the eyes of Disociation). These and many more, inform my practice.

I use basic neuroscience and polyvagal theory to inform my practice, as sometimes- when we don’t have an understanding of what is happening in our bodies when we are triggered or shut down, we might think we are going mad. When actually, its neurons firing and the the past invading the present.

I have worked as an employed counsellor/psychotherapist, in a few different voluntary sector projects here in Scotland, working both with Adults and young people alongside being in private practice for around 20 years.

Currently my self employed private practice, is working with Adults aged 18 and over.

Previous to that-

I have worked with people all my professional life, starting as a General Nurse in the NHS and abroad, before having a career break, when my children were born.

I then returned to education, as a single Mum and gained my Degree M.A., no mean feet for this dyslexic mystic or neurodivergent therapist.

After my degree, I gained employment in the Voluntary sector here in Scot;and. I worked for several years as a project worker, working with different socially disadvantaged groups, providing emotional and practical support alongside relevant advice and information.

These groups included, homeless people, lone parents and their families, and as a drugs worker. Early in this work, I started my Counselling training as I had a gap in my skills, I could listen well enough, but didn’t know how to take things forward from there.

I continued as a volunteer counsellor or with other counselling training, until I gained employment as a counsellor in 2005 and I have been working as such since then, in various voluntary sector projects and in private practice.

I work collaboratively, and relationally, with mindful enquiry.

Creativity is one of my superpowers, I like to work creatively in my work, using what ever medium, you are drawn too- these include sand tray work, drawing, re-presenting our parts in metaphor or by an object, animal or shape. I can also include tarot or oracle cards if you chosse.

I am curious what one of your superpowers might be? as superpowers are Self.

Reiki and Shamanic Training

I started training in Reiki in 2003 and have added various other Reiki modalities over the years. I still practice Reiki and offer distance healing sessions of either USUI or Angelic Reiki. I also trained as a Shamanic Practictioner, and complete 2 courses 2014-2017, Shamanism enhanced my understanding that we are all related – Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ (All Are Related) from the Lakota langauge.

And although I am not offering specific shamanic sessions, this training alongside all my other CPD, underpins my work.

As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” -James Keller

My hope would be that we can help light one another’s parts with (Self) and make the world a brighter place.