About me

About me – Here I am saying hello!

My hope for our work together is to help you be all you can be.

I have worked with people all my professional life, 40 plus years, starting as a General Nurse in the NHS and abroad, before having a career break, when my children were born.

I then returned to education, as a single Mum and gained my Degree M.A., no mean feet for this dyslexic mystic or neurodivergent therapist.

After my degree, I gained employment in the Voluntary sector here in Scotland. I worked for several years as a project worker, working with different socially disadvantaged groups, providing emotional and practical support alongside relevant advice and information.

These groups included, homeless people, lone parents and their families, and as a drugs worker. Early in this work, I started my Counselling training as I had a gap in my skills, I could listen well enough, but didn’t know how to take things forward from there.

I continued as a volunteer counsellor or with other counselling training, until I gained employment as a counsellor in 2005 and I have been working as such since then, in various voluntary sector projects, as an EAP Counsellor and in private practice.

I work collaboratively, and relationally, with mindful enquiry.

Creativity is one of my superpowers, I like to work creatively in my work, using what ever medium, you are drawn too- these include sand tray work, drawing, re-presenting our parts in metaphor or by an object, animal or shape. I can also include tarot or oracle cards if you chosse.

I am curious what one of your superpowers might be? as superpowers are Self.

Reiki and Shamanic Training

I started training in Reiki in 2003 and have added various other Reiki modalities over the years. I still practice Reiki and offer distance healing sessions of either USUI or Angelic Reiki. I also trained as a Shamanic Practictioner, and complete 2 courses 2014-2017, Shamanism enhanced my understanding that we are all related – Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ (All Are Related) from the Lakota langauge.

And although I am not offering specific shamanic sessions, this training alongside all my other CPD, underpins my work.

Other Stuff

I have a long time interest in meditation and continue to practice this regularly today. Over the last 35 years I have set up and led various meditation groups.

I am long time vegetarian, sometimes vegan and my goal is to eat a clean diet.

I have also explored different ways of exploring my spirituality over the years, from Church originally, to more secular these days. I applied to be a Church of Scotland Minister once upon a time about 35 years ago, however even although that was a fascinating journey to undertake, it wasn’t meant to be and I started my Counselling Ministry (training) instead. I was a single parent for over 15 years, during that time I went back to Education and gained my Degree, something I have parts that have great pride in this achievment. As writing and having Dyslexic/neurodivergent tendancies, certainly doesn’t make writing an easy option for me.

I have sat in Circle as a trainee Medium.

I practice DRU yoga.

I am an avid reader and happily spend long periods of time reading professionally as CPD, related Trauma/Relational/Attachment books or mystical fantasy. e.g. Robin Hobb, Ursula Le Guin, Lynn M. Steiner.

I love being creative and out in Nature, walking, cycling (ebike these days). I have always had pets – currently a rescue dog from Spain and 3 rescue ex battery hens – yes there is a theme here! Pets are super important to me and help me manage activated parts of my nervous system, as well as having a fabulous fluffy companion.

Please get in touch if anything here grabs your attention or interests you to explore more – my contact details are here – https://wordpress.com/page/maggiecostella.com/3998

As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” -James Keller

My hope would be that eventually, working together worldwide we can help light one another’s light (Self) and help make the world a bolder, brighter, more supportive, equal place.

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