Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing

Coming home to self? Be-ing not doing.. What’s that all about… It’s pretty hard for me to make sense with the written word, my neural diversity, is confused about mundane things like grammer and sentence structure, aka dyslexia. However, here I am again trying, to write a bit more about my approach to my work.Continue reading “Coming home to Self. It’s about….Be-ing not doing”

Living from that sacred space within

Growing up we are generally taught to make the outside world come first, through commercialism, how we look, what gadget we must have, or what car or house or holiday is next on the to do list. All or any is the perfect route to being happy. This is so wrong.  We must instead let goContinue reading “Living from that sacred space within”

Trauma and unmothered children

Unmothered children is an emotive phrase. I first heard it via Dr. Clarisa Pinkola-Estes in her famous audio book called Warming the Stone Child. As different people we each have a unique experience of growing up. Unmothered children is a term I understand as growing up in a family where we did not have allContinue reading “Trauma and unmothered children”