IFS Internal Family Systems

IFS, Internal Family Systems, utilises the wisdom of self. IFS categorises self into these 8 words begining with C. CALMNESS COMPASSION CURIOSITY CLARITY CONFIDENCE COURAGE CREATIVITY CONNECTEDNESS. For me yes, these all work, but it’s the last one that really stands out. Connectedness. Why not, take amoment now to connect to self? If your busyContinue reading “IFS Internal Family Systems”

from Matt Licata

And somehow become more wholePosted: 18 Mar 2019 07:01 AM PDTWe are relational beings with open, sensitive, tender hearts and mirror neurons and offer one another so much. To listen carefully and attune deeply to what our brothers and sisters are feeling and how they are making meaning of their experience. To not dismiss or shameContinue reading “from Matt Licata”

I’m in a motivational mood

Don’t look back, your not going that way. I’ve been working with clients today and exploring, neuroscience and brain plasticity, rewiring the brain. ” Neurons that wire together fire together”. by Neuropsychologist Donald Hebb first used this phrase in 1949 to describe how pathways in the brain are formed and reinforced through repetition. Hence my motivationalContinue reading “I’m in a motivational mood”


*Caution sensitive content* Triggered -It’s absolutely not any fun. Your central nervous system has been highjacked, by a past event(s) and in that moment, part(s) of you are stuck back there, replaying those emotions, sensations, or whatever other way they present that is specific to you, your past and the age(s) it happened at. OneContinue reading “Triggered”

Attuned vibrational healing, tuning into love….

Its not so much that we cant feel those primal emotions, its that we run from them. Or our fear does. We fear feeling them again as the situation that originally set them up, was fearful and in beginning to re-member or get in touch with that, It re=lights up in our brain circuitry andContinue reading “Attuned vibrational healing, tuning into love….”