What’s your biggest fear in doing this work?

Updating this post from 7 months ago. I do get a few enquiries that don’t materialise. I believe many of these will be because the prospect of coming to therapy is just too scarey.

When the person enquires they are usually having difficulty managing current symptoms or ways of being.

Believe me I really understand this. I understand too its a brave and courageous step to take to begin exploring the past and how its affecting you now.

I would hope that working with me will feel, resourced and safe enough. And that through the relational part of the work, you and your parts will gradually begin to trust the process and allow those scared parts to be seen, felt or noticed perhaps for the first time.

This reversal of what was missing in our early attachment allows you, or your parts that hold the deepest fear or trauma, to start to heal. There is something very profound about being, seen, held and noticed for perhaps the first time.



Some questions to consider at the start of any therapeutic work?

What’s your biggest fear in doing this work?

What do you think might stop you from fully engaging in the process?


What do you think we might find if we reached the heart of the matter?

What scares you?

These are big questions not to be taken lightly. However, they are good to ponder on at the start of Counselling/Psychotherapy and to use as a review of the work as it progresses to notice how your answers may have changed.

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