developing an attitude of gratitude and a powerful awareness of being in the now

How do I do that?

Lets start at the very beginning. Its a very good place to start.

We simply get our internal magnifying glass out and begin to notice, moment by moment sensations and feelings within us.

Just try it here now, read through first then try.

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed.

Take your self inside, what do you see, feel, notice?

Stay focused, presently aware with a mindful presence, that doesn’t judge, react or startle, it just is here and now.

Smile with your heart.

Think loving kind compassionate thoughts.

Be grateful.

Start small and build on this practice.

You are beginning to change your neuroplasticity, to change how you think, feel and simply are.

By allowing kindness and compassion to enter your central nervous system you are physiologically re tuning your brain biology and changing it at a fundamental level. Of course practice, practice, practice will allow for more change and growth.

Try it and see?


Firing new neurons, creating a new you.

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