Attuned vibrational healing, tuning into love….

Its not so much that we cant feel those primal emotions, its that we run from them. Or our fear does. We fear feeling them again as the situation that originally set them up, was fearful and in beginning to re-member or get in touch with that, It re=lights up in our brain circuitry and causes alarm all over again.
We can re wire though! we can meet THAT PART, THE FEAR, mindfully, with compassion and through grace and love… and then small step by small step, that very old defence will allow its dissolving..and new neuroplasticity will form and grow and rewiring will have been successful. . and repeat.
Tuning into love.
maggie costella 2016

all of my work is based on working from my heart centre

Published by Maggie

Working together collectively, for the common good. We are all in this together. There is no Planet B. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.