Attuned vibrational healing, tuning into love….

Its not so much that we cant feel those primal emotions, its that we run from them. Or our fear does. We fear feeling them again as the situation that originally set them up, was fearful and in beginning to re-member or get in touch with that, It re=lights up in our brain circuitry andContinue reading “Attuned vibrational healing, tuning into love….”

Early relational experiences can be rewired

Via his F/B page by ¬†Matt Licata. Early relational experiences are encoded in our neural circuitry in the first 18 months of life. They are stored as implicit memory, inaccessible by means of conscious awareness, and form the templates through which we engage the relational world. As we have come to see, these organizing principlesContinue reading “Early relational experiences can be rewired”