Brain Plasticity from Matt Licata

He writes so well. The next time you feel triggered, pause and return your attention into your body. In just one instant of pure compassion, shift out of the spinning narrative and provide a holding environment for your immediate experience. While it may appear that something is coming at you from the outside, it is your own aliveness, seeking safe passage.

It may seem urgent that you deny or seek relief the uninvited ones from your heart, but this is merely the old groove that has been laid down personally and collectively for billions of here and now moments. Apply the enzyme of presence and offer metabolization for the ancient ones.

Look carefully. Listen. Feel. Open your senses. You need not go to war with the story any longer. Allow it to liberate on its own, in the intimate field of clear seeing. You are okay. Slow way down. Lay a new groove of kindness and offer this electric new pathway to a weary world that has forgotten.


Stay close with the sensations as they rise and fall in your belly, in your torso, and in the very center of your heart. You can hold and contain so much more than you imagine. You have capacities now that you did not have as a tender, little one with a ripening, developing brain and nervous system.

Yes, stormy waves are washing in, but they are not enemies or obstacles on your journey. They are the path itself, allies of integration, longing to be met, to be held, and to be allowed home, back into the vastness.

As you return, over and over into the aliveness of the somatic world, the tangles and the knots will dissolve in the soothing flames of gentle, fiery presence. And all that will remain is a luminous field of awareness, warmth, and creativity. Rest here. For this is what you are.

Published by Maggie

Working together collectively, for the common good. We are all in this together. There is no Planet B. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.