Mindfullness, Meditation, Going within, Creating Sacred Space.

Be here now!

Let me help you to develop your inner skill set/toolkit, by teaching/offering to work with you- using – meditation, guided visualisation &/or mindfullness.

I offer these as additional tools/skills, that we can practice, to enable our wellness and mental health to be more balanced.

Also to give you resources, when you need them most as it is enabling and empowering to be able to have a set of tools or skills to use to help calm an overactive central nervous system or to use regularly as part of our daily/weekly practice, to help us be all we can be.

I have practiced the art of meditation on my own and in groups, for over 30 years. I have set up and run commumity groups at various stages and places in my life.

I also have a practice I do daily, or more sporadically depending on my needs in current time and place.

Guided journeys/ visulisations are a variation on meditation, that help in the same way, but are more participary, rather than sitting in the stillness, you follow my voice and tune in with your senses, as sitting in silence can be tricky to begin with.

They can also be a way to go inside and help us reconnect to our unique true Selfs, (as in IFS) or to go on a journey, to meet spirit guides or helpers.

It’s a wonderful creative resource to have.

Mindfullness, is totally, being here now. It’s like the bridge that joins, all of these practices together as well as a way of being in it’s own right. It also calms and helps to heal our past, as we re wire our brain, from old ways of being, thinking, feeling. (just neurons firing).

While just neurons firing is true, I also understand it’s not that simple when you are stuck in a flashback or are flooded by the emotional discharge or a past trauma.

Together working with compassionate awareness and being mindful, I would hope we might find a way to work together that can help you untangle from the past, allowing you to be living more in present moment awareness.

For me this is also the work of light and shadow and it is sacred in it’s purpose.

I once made a typo on a blog I was writting and spelled sacred as scared! only one letter placement difference. I like that too, and notice how easy it is to move the letters around and come back to here and now, if it’s not sacred for you, you might like to call it self actualisation or just being with your compassionate self.

For me, meditation allows, us to let go, to come to a place of inner stillness, to connect with our inner most Selfs or it can be a spiritual practice, in either case, it’s to help us be unruffled and not consummed by life and its endless stresses and fears.


Published by Maggie

Working together collectively, for the common good. We are all in this together. There is no Planet B. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other.