Angelic Reiki

I am super excited to now offer ANGELIC REIKI.

I have completed level 1 & 2 and I am going to follow up with levels 3 & Master/Teacher.

I used to believe because I worked with the Angels and had a strong connection to them spiritually, and I offered USUI REIKI, that somehow this would be equivalent to ANGELIC REIKI. How wrong was I, it’s nothing like the same. I am so glad I finally followed my intuition and became attuned to this powerful system of healing.

I am happy to be offering ANGELIC REIKI sessions. I have a sliding scale for Reiki sessions, 25/30/35 pounds per session.

ANGELIC REIKI continues to flow and heal after a treatment for at least 20 days, therefore treatments can be spaced out and more affordable.

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