Internal Family Systems

This amazing Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, is one of the fastest growing therapies worldwide today.

I have completed Level 1 & Level 2 training.

I have now made this the main model of Counselling/Psychotherapy I offer, because, both personally and professionaly I have experienced profound results with it.

It’s not a quick fix or a miracle cure, but it is in my opinion magical and it works really well with my energy healing practices.

For me it is similar to going on a shamanic journey, in which we are working together with different parts of self, and Self.

In IFS Self is represented by the 8 c words above in the diagram, when we are in Self we are expereincing, feeling one or more of the 8 c words.

Self can also be spiritual for me it is some of the time, so it can be the 8 c’s above plus being connected to whatever my higher power or god/goddess, nature or mother earth, I am experiencing Self to be represented by in the present moment.

However you experience Self, it’s always helpful, kind energy, always benevolent.

It takes work on your part though, its not always an easy or a quick fix , as some of those old engrained energy patterns we carry, are deeply embeded in our nervous system.

Some of those parts, live in the past and hold the energy of the upset or traumas or whatever caused our primitive brain and defense system to kick in, in the first place.

Sometimes these patterns are generational, passed on through the generations, as unhealed implicit fragments of memory, also known as your felt sense.

“All parts are welcome”. Is the moto of model developer Richard Schwartz. You can read more it here- see link below.

with best wishes,


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