Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems – This amazing Psychotherapy model, is one of the fastest growing therapies worldwide today. This evidence based model originated in the USA, founded by Richard Schwartz over 30 years ago.

Richard Schwartz was a Family Therapist, and the IFS model evolved from this background- as IFS repesents our individual family systems – which he now also referes to as a part of an ecological system, which is both personal and political, as we all impact on each other.

I have completed Level 1 & Level 2 training, between 2018- 2020.

Internal Family Systems is now the main model of Counselling/Psychotherapy I offer as both personally and professionally I have experienced profound results with it.

The following words were taken from a recent 2021 brochure describing IFS for a Level 1 training –

Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, has been developing the IFS model for more than 30 years,
with IFS now practiced by thousands of licensed therapists and other professionals
throughout the United States and internationally. Mental health care professionals and
others trained in the IFS model can easily integrate it into a wide variety of practices
using the unique methods IFS offers to create safe environments for clients to become
Self-transforming. Internal Family Systems therapy is a simple yet sophisticated
integration of psychology, spirituality, and intra-psychic and family systems theory.

Internal Family Systems

It’s not a quick fix or a miracle cure, but it is in my opinion both magical and mystical. I find my expereince of Self is amplified by my spiritual practices. I am also noticing many overlaps between this training and my previous shamanic training and current energy healing practices.

Internal Family Systems
The 8 C’s IFS

Internal Family Systems

For me it is similar to going on a shamanic journey, it’s inner work. In which we journey within to connect with different parts of self, and Self.

In IFS Self is represented by the 8 c words above in the diagram, when we are in Self we are experiencing the feeling of one or more of the above 8 c words.

Spiritual or not?

Some people experience Self as spiritual, but it doesnt have to be. It’s for each of us to determine what works for us and however you experience Self, it’s always helpful, kind energy, always benevolent.

I have seen Maslows triangle and Marshal Rosenbergs NVC also used as a gateway to Self.

A favourite old Bear of mine.

It takes work on your part though, it’s not always an easy or a quick fix. As some of those old ingrained energy (Trauma) patterns we carry, are deeply embedded in our nervous system.

Some of those parts (exlies) live in the past and hold the energy of the original upset or trauma, i.e. whatever caused our primitive brain and defense system to kick in and become active.

Sometimes these patterns are generational, passed on through the generations, through epigenetics. There are a growing number of studies that support the idea that the effects of trauma can reverberate down the generations through epigenetics.

“All parts are welcome” is the moto of Internal Family Systems developer Richard Schwartz. You can read more aboout it on the link below – .

I also offer combined Internal Family Systems Therapy and Energy Healing sessions- I am calling these sessions- Sacred Circle Empowerment Sessions – see more here

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