Sitting in the centre

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I invite you to join with me, take a few seconds out of your busy day. Just be here now, sitting in the centre, grounded, centred, safe & secure. There is nothing to do, just be, let’s try it and see? Did you manage? Yes or no it doesn’t matter. Just try again, because in this precious moment of sitting in silent awareness, you are beginning to re-create your self, your being.

and repeat.


Often, people who have experienced a difficult early attachment, or subsequent later life, challenges cannot begin to imagine, how this, sitting in the stillness might be possible. As a lot of the time their central nervous system has been hijacked, by their past experiences. Leading to many ongoing symptoms and difficulties.

It is possible though, to begin to rewire our brain, it’s neuro plasticity, allows this. It’s not a quick fix, but more of a constant repetition or rewiring, changing old thoughts, diverting our thinking and repeat, again and again, until the old hard wiring is diminished and new neural pathways created.

read more about this here


Have a browse around my website and if you feel connected to what I say, please feel free to get in touch. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. My contact info. is at the top of this page. I am happy to help if it feels right. 





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