Counselling/ Psychotherapy, IFS, Be-ing Creative.

  • I have a special interest in working with people who have experienced  big “T” or “t”, trauma or abuse in their lives.
  • I work with Young People from age 11 & Adults.
  • I am an experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist qualifying with my first Diploma in 2003
  • Since 2011 I have specialised and concentrated my training and CPD attending various events and courses to help me work with people who have experienced Trauma.
  • These include, workshops and training with : Deirdre Fay, Sensori-motor psychotherapy, Sandra Paulson, Brain spotting, CRM, Comprehensive Resource Model, and more recently in IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy).

IFS Internal Family Systems Therapy

  • I have recently completed, Level One in IFS, Internal Family Systems. The Internal Family Systems Model is an integrative approach to individual psychotherapy developed by Richard C. Schwartz. It combines systems thinking with the view that mind is made up of relatively discrete subpersonalities each with its own viewpoint and qualities.IFS for more info click here.
  • I find it links well to my shamanic and healing work. It’s about identifying, asking permission and  working with our various parts or subpersonalities. Helping them to unblend, unblend is the IFS word for disentangle.
  • To allow our self led, persona to shine through, self led, core self, divine, are all different words for the same thing. It allows our light to shine as we become self led, and not led by our false selfs, old scripts or neurobiology.

Be-ing creative in Counselling/Psychotherapy

I offer the opportunity to work creatively in sessions, allowing safe expression and holding of deep unconscious material, that is beyond words or from an early pre-verbal period in your life. See below for more info.

  • sand play/tray
  • breath work
  • guided meditation
  • relaxation/restorative ideas
  • learning to meditate
  • journeying
  • visualisations
  • mindfulness
  • drawing/painting
  • representing parts of self or others, with shells, stones, or toys

Additions to enhance the vibration of the room and aid the work.

  • using background music or drumming
  • candles
  • essential oils
  • crystals

  • All of these can aid your healing on every level of your being, working holistically, with body, mind and soul.
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