Walk & Talk Sessions

I am excited to be adding walk and talk sessions to what’s on offer here starting in 2022.

Walk & Talk Therapy sessions, walking at a sedate pace out in Nature.

These sessions ( weather dependant) have been going really well and clients are enjoying being able to walk and talk and add movment whilst talking.

Zoom is an alternative when it’s a bit blustery outside.

These sessions will be in person, local to my postcode, KY15. I have 2 favourite outside venues in mind. It will be your reponsibility to get to and from the venue, other venues may also be possible, but again these would have to be risk assessed along with the session suitability before starting.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

Nature offers an additional layer of therapeutic support, nature allows gentle movement, a slow pace and time to pause and notice what’s going on around you.

You might also find objects that can represent different aspects of parts of whatever you are exploring, eg a leaf, a twig a shell or stone.

This work along with all of work is mindfull and good for helping to regulate the nervous system.

All of that plus more! it’s worthwhile giving it some consideration.

These sessions will cost the same as an online session.

Walk & Talk Sessions

These sessions will cost the same as an oline session or face to face session. I have a sliding scale for payment, see page here

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