Trauma Healing Sessions, Fife

Trauma Healing Sessions, Fife. This is an opportunity to experience energy healing and talking therapy in the same session.

Working with the body (somatically) and with whatever part of you makes themself know in the session.

Parts can make themselves known in several ways some of these ways are – as an emotion, a thought, an image, a sensation, a voice or some words.

Exploring in present time if it’s the right time to work with this part.

Setting an intention for the work of the sessions.

These parts that hold the emotion, are also the parts that hold the Trauma, or unregulated emotion of a previous upset in your past. They are held back then, as at the time it wasn’t safe enough for them to come forward. So the body has excellent coping mechanisms for these parts, and they become incomplete, fragmented memories, stored as implicit memory.

You may experience these parts as current upset or disregulation in you life.

Working in sacred space, you can begin to get to know them again. And it is possible for them to come into present time and become integrated explicit memory.

These sessions combine my Counselling and Energy Healing Practices. Although I don’t offer specific Shamanic healing sessions (I have also completed 2 certificates in Shamanic Practice) these sessions, can include elements of Shamanic Practice.

I am calling these sessions – Sacred Circle Empowerment Sessions.

More info on Trauma, Counselling here –


If these words are resonating with you and you are curious? I will say a bit more – what are these sessions? The aim of the sessions as with all my work – is to help you work with and through your T(t)rauma, past upset or difficult current emotions or symptoms.

Whilst, counselling/psychotherapy, or IFS and energy healing all work equally well as individual sessions. Combining them here as Sacred Circle Empowerment Sessions offers additional dimensions to the sessions. I believe together, these offer the potential for more healing opportunity, as we are working on every level of your being at the same time. Physical, Emotinal, Mental and Spiritual.

Trauma Healing Sessions Fife are based in Scotland, these sessions are online for now, till Covid allows face to face practice again and can help you in a variety of ways.

Helping you get to the heart of the matter.

inner journey work
Trauma Healing Sessions, Fife. (unknown image credit).

Reiki Energy HEALING

Adss another level of support to the healing process with energy healing targetted to those specific places in the body, where the part might reside, or sometimes they reside in the auric field, around your body.

We will be curious? about the work, accepting of what comes up, work slowly, mindfully, with compassionate enquiry.

And show appreciation for all parts who we work with – All parts are welcome. is the catch phrase of the model founder Richard Schwartz.

You can find out more about Internal Family Systems here – In the development of the IFS model, Richard Schwatz the founder was influenced by various people. One of these was a shamanic practitioner. I believe IFS to be along the same lines as Shamanic work. Which is why offering it as journey work, and combining it with energy healing really works for me and makes sense to my parts.

I am very much enjoying working with this model, both professionally and personally. It really does imo get to the heart of the matter. Trauma Healing sessions, Fife, Scotland.

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