Helping you get to the heart of the matter❤️

Getting to the heart of the matter, is why we go to therapy in the first place, isn’t it? To help find the root cause of our current symptoms or upset and to begin to explore that, understand it better and to heal it.

I work holistically, offering a range of body/mind therapies.

There 3 main therapies on offer:

Internal Family Systems, Reiki, Counselling/Psychotherapy.

Internal Family Systems IFS

In IFS (Internal Family Systems), one of the goals is to be in Self, to connect to Self, this can also be a spiritual state, (for me it is), but it doesn’t have to be, it might also be reaching the top of Maslow’s triangle and achieving self actualisation. Or it might be described as being here now, being mindfully. It’s for each of to discover within us what Self means for us. It doesnt really matter what Self is for you, what is important is being connected to it.

In IFS Self, is understood as being in a feeling state of one of the 8 c words (see below). It’s a place of calm, or curious, or compassion etc.

Perhaps it’s easier to say what it is not. It is not being triggered, or having our central nervous system highjacked by old unintegrated memories or emotions.

IFS therapy overlaps with my belief system, I see it as a visionary, creative approach to working, within which there are different ways in which we might heal and as we heal ourselves, we heal each other.

For ourselves and all our relations. Mitakuye O’yasin. As the Shamans say.


Counselling/Psychotherapy is also a creative visionary process. Within which there are many ways to help you explore what it is you need help with.

The work can be short or long term and I understand that seeking professional help and sharing at this level is a powerful and courageous step to take. I very much respect the counselling/psychotherapeutic process and I will manage it in a calm and mindful manner. The work will unfold at its own pace and can either be short or long term to suit your needs.

I enjoy being creative in my approach and I use a variety of creative means, if appropriate, to enable you have better understanding of your current situation. All of which helps get beneath the surface of the problem and allows meaning that is beyond words or from an early place in your history.


A simple definition is: Rei means ‘Universal’, and Ki means ‘Energy’. No particular belief system is required to receive the energy. Just a desire to do so.

Reiki any reiki session. Practitioners cleanse and prepare a sacred healing space in which to deliver and channel the energy healing energy to the client who can be seated or lying down. Clients remain fully clothed and the energy seeks to restore balance to the body whose vital energy pathways have become unbalanced, contributing to current symptoms.

How many sessions? The number of sessions will vary from person to person. Most conditions take time to heal as healing is a process rather than an event.  Some suggestions are:

  • ‘one off come and try it’ sessions.
  • or you can arrange a few treatments at regularly spaced intervals like an MOT.
  • A number of sessions close together to begin with if the recent upset, has been very difficult.
  • short term 4-6 weekly sessions
  • long term fortnightly sessions
  • or attend monthly to maintain well being

Angelic or Usui Reiki

Are both available, Angelic Reiki sessions tend to be shorter and the reiki is delivered from 1 of 2 hand positions, (on a chair or couch), it’s no less powerful, yet it differs from Usui Reiki.

In Usui Reiki sessions are generally longer and the practioner works with set hand positions, in and around the body, can also be delivered on a chair or couch.

Both are Reiki though none is better than the other and I guess it depends on your needs on the day and what vibration or type of reiki is required, We can decide this together if you don’t have a preference. Reiki is also an intuitive process.

In all of the therapies on offer here, there are overlaps- some of these overlaps are known by different names, depending on the therapy being offered. For example, soul restoration, can also parts work, from IFS. And extraction, a form of seperation from an introject in more traditional Counselling/Psychotherapy. All of these therapies work with vibration and energy and within the delivery of them, I am seeking to enable you, to be the best version of your self!

Or another way to say that is enable us to disentangle from what we carry that is not ours, or restore what was once lost to us, through trauma or other means. To find and restore our creative visonary Self energy.


“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. Leonard Cohen

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