A Shamanic Perspective

I have completed 2 different Shamanic Practitioner courses here in Scotland.

The first one with Mark and Claudia of the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre and secondly an advanced shamanic training year with Carol Day in Fife at the Centre for Creative Vision.

Both these highly experiential courses were hugely beneficial to my personal growth and in helping me find more Self energy.

There are many overlaps between all of my trainings, one might say, soul restoration, is also parts work, from IFS. And extraction, a form of seperation from an introject in more traditional Counselling/Psychotherapy.

Whatever the words the goal and the aim of the therapy is to enable us to disentangle from what we carry that is not ours, or restore what was once lost to us, through trauma or other means. To find and restore our self energy.

I work in sacred space, with your benevolent guides and/or mine

For me, shamanism is a creative and visionary process.

This visionary, creative way of working, is what defines a Shamanic Pratitioner for me. All of my work is shamanic, counselling, psychotherapy, IFS, reiki and angelic reiki, for me they are all shamanic, because, we are all part of everything and vice versa. So when we heal ourselves we help heal the world too.

My Shamanic work includes;

Featherstone Energy Healing

Shamanic journeying

Shamanic visionary journey

Inner Child work

Soul restoration and extraction.

All my Shamanic sessions, will be based on your needs on the day. Held and contained in sacred space and guided by whatever benevolent guides or power animals, or helping spirits decide to make them selves known and help aid the work.

What I love about this visionary, creative approach to working, are the different ways in which we might heal and as we heal ourselves, we heal each other. For ourselves and all our relations. Mitakuye O’yasin.

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