Shamanism & Bringing it all Together

Although I am not offering specific Shamanic work at present, it’s at the heart of all I do. It’s a way of life, a belief system- summed up in essence by this phrase: Mitákuye Oyásʼiŋ is a phrase from the Lakota language, that loosely translates to “we are all related” or “all my relatives.” It is used by Lakota and non-Lakota alike and encompasses the idea of inclusiveness.

All of my work though, including IFS is set up and held in co~created Sacred Space which adds another layer of containment to any given session.

Energy Healing

I have also trained as a Reiki Master 2004-2006 Usui Reiki adding various other Reiki Trainings along the way including Angelic Reiki.

I love working with energy healing just as much as IFS, again it’s working somatically with the body.

In all cases we are working below the level of conscious awareness and communicating energetically, nervous system to nervous system.

Bringing it all together

IFS, Reiki & Shamanism.

My Shamanic Practice and energy healing at are the heart of my practice and these practices allow me to work in the following manner.

Setting up Sacred Space and inviting in any Benevolent Helpers or Guides who are happy to assist in the work.

Our helpers from the luminous light are so welcome and invited to help in this beautiful transcendent process.

As we honour our parts and are grateful for all they do!

Helping them be known.

Bringing them to the light, if you like. (The IFS term is Self energy)

And helping them let go whatever it is they don’t need to hold anymore, e.g. an emotion, an experience, something that doesn’t belong to them.

And bringing back to fill those spaces with a different energy or quality to enable them going forward to hold difference and change.