Shamanic Practice


Before you arrive, I will prepare sacred space to resource the process and allow me work with you for your best and highest good. I work within the dimensions of the medicine wheel and open and invite guidance and help from within it’s elements and directions.

I also invite in any spirit guides, power animals and/or helpers from the angelic realms who wish to assist with the work. I invite my guides and helpers first then the clients guides and helpers.

For me, shamanic practice is about working with spirit at a soul level. It’s an honour to be working with clients at this deep level and within this ancient healing system. In my shamanic practice I am working with energy, spirit and levels of consciousness.

Within it I am connecting with you at the deepest relational level and working in a divine place, (out with all ego) with grace, with spirit, with compassion and with positive regard for you and from a place of non judgement.

The 4 main shamanic healing practices are: soul retrieval, extraction work, past life work and energy work and a shamanic healing session will include whatever of these practices is best for your specific situation in current time and space, it could be all or one or two. 

Feather stone Healing was an additional training I undertook when training as a Shamanic Practitioner.  Its roots are shamanic and here is a link to it feather stone healing link

From Claudia and Mark’s website it says – “It is only when we open ourselves up to become a pure channel and touch the essence of unconditional love inside that healing work can be done. This training is for those who wish to go back to the simple ways of remembering, reawakening memories of ancient shamanic skills and bringing back the wisdom that your soul has always known with integrity, unconditional love, compassion and humility”.

The amount of sessions  you require depends on the complexity of your current situation and material and what your aim for the work is, I always work with you and involve you in the process.

Similar to Reiki sessions there can be a few Shamanic Healing sessions close together or they can be more spaced out in a combination that suits you best.

Part of the work you undertake here with me might be learning to journey, to meet with one of your helpers, a power animal, a spirit guide or someone from the angelic realms. It could also be a past life regression session.

Link to Edinburgh Shamanic Centre page about Shamanic Training Shamanic Practitioner

I followed this initial training up with an Advanced training with Carol Day, called Revival.  Advanced Training link

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