Sacred Circle Empowerment Sessions

Bring together my energy healing practices and IFS/Counselling training- blending ancient and modern medicine.

To help you get to the Heart of the matter.

Why might you attend?

In life we loose our power, resulting in current ways of being. Sometimes we give our power away unconsiously, other times it’s a gradual loss though mental and physical dis- ease or illness.

In a sacred circle empowerment sessions, we work in sacred space, exploring what you bring, setting an intension for the work and journey together with Great Spirit, benevolent helpers and Spirit Guides to find/know answers.

Trauma causes soul loss- this is another way to be feeling incomplete- powerless.

In IFS we work with and use parts language- so a better way of say this would be a part of us is lost, a part of us feels powerless.

These lost soul parts can be restored.

Other times we take on other peoples energies – this is usually unconscious- there are many reasons for this. Together in a sacred circle empowerment sessions we can find ways to let this energy go and bring back other energies/qualities to fill that energetic space we have created. This is what happens in an IFS session when we unburden the part.

Reiki can be added to the mix if thats approproiate, Reiki I understand as a Self /Higher power/Spirit quality to infuse and to allow those parts of us that are hidden or depressed, frozen or numb to feel this vital life force energy again, till the part trusts enough to join again with your own Self energy or vital life force. more about Reiki here

IFS for me is like a modern day shamanic counselling process.

I have been working as a Counsellor since 2003, dedicating all of my further extensive training and CPD to allow me to work with and understand the affects of Trauma, difficuilt early life attachment to a parent or caregiver. Alongside sexual or mental and physical abuse.

My energy healing practice and CPD are ongoing since 2005.

I very much enjoy being creative in my work. Creativity is one of my super powers.

What’s yours?

This is my fabulous indoor Reiki/Shamanic Healing space
This is my fabulous Reiki/Shamanic Healing space indoors

Interested in anything you have read here- please dont hesitiate to get in touch and we can explore how to take things forward.

My outdoor healing space- the Healing Hut
This is my outdoor working space- the Healing Hut…

Thank you. Namaste Maggie