Books and websites I find helpful.

Janina Fisher – healing the Fragmented Selves –

Dr. Arielle Schwartz

What is IFS ? Dick Schwartz

Frank Andersons – new book. Transcending Trauma

No Bad Parts – latest book by Richard Schwartz

Micheal Sealey. Hypnotist. He has many free tracks on YouTube. Have a browse to find the one your most attracted too. Helps me to reset my nervous system if it’s a bit out of tune.

I also value the work of Deb Dana and her contribution to helping me understand PolyVagal Theory, by Stephen Porges. She also has videos explaining this on YouTube

Dr Arielle Schwartz. She has many useful videos and teaching pieces on line.

Great introductory podcast about PolyVagal Theory with Deb Dana and Deepak Chopra