Resources/Links Deidre Fay- from her website. The work I do arises out the cauldron of my life.  What I know is grounded in   my own healing as well as rigorous training as a psychotherapist looking for answers and ways to help others navigate this often difficult terrain.

I have attended several of Deidre’s training workshops here in Scotland and with TTiS.

I have attended several of Deidre’s training workshops here in Scotland, with TTiS.  Since 2011 I have attended a great deal of Trauma Training with Trauma Training in Scotland- here is a link to their  website.

Reiki pages listing

Jeff Browns website. Author of SOULSHAPING. Check his website for Jeff’s new books-Ascending with both feet on the Ground, & Love It Forward!

A book about Complex PSTD, From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker. Written in lay terms it helps people to understand their symptoms.

Another easy to read book that explains the dynamics of passive aggressive behaviours.

 A really good resourceful website, with lots of free tracks ( you can also make a donation ) helping you to learn to meditate or for those more experienced enabling you to deepen your practice.  Mark & Claudia’s website

thecentreforcreativevision     Carol Day’s website


The university of life.. unique to each one of us… Whats your story?


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