Introducing Maggie


Maggie Costella

is a Counsellor

also offering

IFS sessions and Energy Healing.

Maggie works from her heart centre as an integrative holistic practitioner. Working with Mind & Body. She brings over 45 years experience of working with people in different capacities: helping enable them to be all they can be.

I started off in general nursing R.G.N., working here in Scotland and abroad, before a break in work and a return to Education as a single parent I gaining my Degree an M.A. in the Social Sciences, which is no mean feat for this dyslexic mystic or neurodivergent therapist.

I started work again as a project worker, working throughout Scotland with various projects who supported socially disadvantaged groups, e.g. homeless people, lone parent familes, drugs worker.

Project work led me to my Counselling training as I listened well to people and was able to hear their stories, but I didn’t have the skills to help people take their story forward.

Between 2000- 2003 I completed my Counselling Skills Certificate and my Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling. I added Reiki training back then too starting in 2005.

Later on, I also undertook and completed 2 different courses in Shamanic Practitioner training between 2014-2016 and and advanced Shamanic Practitioner course in 2017.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

From 2000 to now 2023, I continue to train and develop my skill set. I have completed this extensive training and CPD to help me to understand and work with people who have experienced Trauma and or abuse in their lives and also added substantially to my enegy healing training along the way.

Other formal Counselling training that ended with a Certificate includes Relationship Counselling and Supervision Training, although I am not offering either of these at the moment.

In life I have enjoyed Meditating individually and leading groups, since the 1990’s.

I find great peace and comfort in Nature, I am currently on a shamanic course as an Earth Shamanic Apprentice, great name don’t you think? I like the idea that we are apprentices here on Mother Earth.

I am also completing a 6 month immersive journey in Polyvagal Theory, learning about the Autonomic Nervous System and it’s different states and how we can tune into that and manage these different states to change how we are feeling or experiencing present moment time.

If you read this far, amazing!

As you can see I really enjoy working with people and have lots of practice and a breadth of experience to offer. I also continue to train and work on myself too and have completed many hours of persoanl therapy in different modalities alongside various energy work sessions. I do believe we can only work with people as far as we have worked on ourselves and our issues.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) and different energy healing practices are the therapies that have helped me the most, overcome my trauma and early life difficulites.

It is a great honour and pleasure to work with others at this relational depth, to help them be all they can be too.

“A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle”.

James Keiller