Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems IFS is one of the fastest growing psychotherapy models worldwide today. Richard Schwartz developed the model, with the aid of his clients over 30 years ago. Dr Schwartz was originally a Family Systems Therapist and he developed the IFS model from this background.

Internal Family Systems

IFS is a different way to work with our inner system or family of inner parts. IFS is a parts based therapy, believing we are all made up of many different parts.

Internal Family Systems is a safe, gentle way to work. It is guided by the client and their inner system or parts.

IFS allows us to get to know our parts and facilitates further exploration of our internal system, helping us discover and differentiate our different parts and their individual roles.

Then, when the time is right, to enable parts to unburden past roles or beliefs.

After which parts are invited to bring in new and different energies or qualities that better serve you and your internal system going forward.

All of the above is enabled and enhanced by Self energy and part of our work is also to reintroduce our parts to Self.

Everyone has Self energy and in IFS Self is described by the 8 c words ->

Internal Family Systems

IFS Qualifications & Practice

I have completed Level 1 & Level 2 IFS training, between 2018- 2020.

Costs – IFS Therapy/Counselling for Trauma

I have a sliding scale for sessions

sessions last 50/60 minutes

£45/50/55 Pounds per session.

Payable on the day of the session by bank transfer or cash. Thank you.

Internal Family Systems

“Self is a spiritual essence within us and around us, like a field, that can quiet that thinking part of the brain”.

Dick Schwartz, from his new book No Bad Parts, available now via link in bio:

In IFS there are 3 main parts and Self.

The 3 main parts are known as Managers, Firefighters and Exiles.

Managers and Firefighters are both manager parts, Managers are pro active and Firefighters are reactive Managers, whose jobs are to protect the exile, which is the part that holds the original wound or trauma.


I am also noticing many overlaps between my IFS practice and my Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner trainings. I am loving this as I have always been looking for a way to sucessfully combine all of training and experiences in my professional practice.

I am always reminded in IFS work slow is fast.

Lastly here, let’s end with a quote from the model founder – “All parts are welcome” says Internal Family Systems developer Richard Schwartz.

This favourite old Bear of mine reminds me of Self energy, as he is calm and compassionate.